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Over many years our kitchen and bath designers have earned respect and trusted relationships of a variety of discriminating and satisfied clients. We’ve discovered a reliable approach in creating and completing a successful home improvement project: "Listen well, provide the best materials, options and information...then stand back and allow the client plenty of decision room." And always deliver seamless installation—on time and on budget.


Superior qualities that set owner Mike Bonato apart from other kitchen and bath designers are abilities that quickly set clients at ease...to better draw out lifestyle and aesthetic tastes...and his skill in communicating diverse design ideas. After 20 years in kitchen and bath remodeling, and with a passion for architecture, Mike has a keen eye for detail: materials, colors, textures, and for selecting sustainable products that make the most of existing space and structure.

From suburban residential homes to urban lofts and everything in between, Mike is committed to offering the highest quality materials and appliances within budgets that stay constant.


Associate Designer

To say Alison Shapiro enjoys an eclectic approach to kitchen design may be an understatement. "My personal tastes are rooted in eclecticism, because it's limitless," she says. "Combining various styles enables the reinvention of a design to meet the client's specific needs. It gives you a feeling of more artistic freedom." And it's a sense of freedom that her clients appreciate, since it permits the design of attractive, functional spaces regardless of what has existed there previously.

Combining a personal sense of artistic expression with the collaborative spirit of the Jacob Evans team has led Alison - a graduate of San Francisco's Academy of Art University - to a growing record of successful client engagements that promises to only expand and deepen.



Sparked by a passion for architectural hand drafting, Amanda started her career path at Indiana University of Pennsylvania studying interior design. Now, after a decade in the business, Amanda has honed her craft, using a versatile approach to design and customer service. She prides herself on discovering a client's vision even if he or she doesn't realize they actually have one. A lot of homeowners come to Amanda proclaiming they aren't good with colors or design and they have no idea where to start. Amanda believes that it's all about following your gut instincts. "You are better at it than you give yourself credit for," she tells clients.

Combining a client's tastes with her own understanding of design, Amanda strives to achieve the most creative and personal space possible with each and every job. A client once commented to Amanda, "You created something that took my conservative tastes into account, but somehow managed to add that extra flair and pizzazz. It speaks not only of your talent, but of your reputation."



They say the devil's in the details, but for Jen Debski, so are the delights. When interviewing clients and taking measurements in the kitchen spaces they want to upgrade, Jen uses her skills of observation and insight to get a fuller sense of the customer's style. Having identified an element of inspiration, Jen moves into the design phase with an objective to create something truly distinct. "The details are what differentiate your kitchen from your neighbor's. What draws me to kitchen design is the challenge of combining those details with the essential elements, solving a design puzzle," she says.

With 15 years of quality design experience behind her, Jen consistently pays attention to the most minute details for each and every client engagement. Her strategic approach to the creative process is not only effective, but distinctive.


Project Manager

Dan Moore approaches each and every project with his father’s words in mind: “You never know what could happen. You may have to live there someday.” With 30 years of experience in the field, from laborer to bachelor’s degree in civil engineering to master finish carpenter to contracting business owner, Dan has the skills to follow this advice with confidence. Keeping in mind another of his father’s credos, “No one can be good at everything,” has encouraged him to take a step back and use the knowledge gained from his past experiences in a project management role at Jacob Evans. His distinctive understanding of design, management, and client perspectives helps him manage the many moving parts of a project to ensure the flawless completion of kitchen and bath renovations that he would be happy to call his own.


Visit us in the West End Village—an emerging design zone just minutes from downtown Pittsburgh.