A beautiful space reflects thoughtful decisions on design, form, line, color, pattern, texture...and even light. Jacob Evans takes this knowledge and embraces the artistic potential waiting in every project. We enjoy working with clients to help create a practical design plan that becomes an artfully crafted statement. Our palette—premium resources and product lines infused with uncommon enthusiasm for purpose, style and beauty.
One of the biggest trends in kitchens, baths and other rooms in the home are elements that not only look good, but save us lots of time and effort— and are accessible to all family members. How will your space be used? An effective layout makes all the difference. It’s a function of Jacob Evans to make user-friendly design a refined art!
The greening movement has come home! Environmentally conscious clients will find the assistance and products they require to make smart eco-friendly decisions for their kitchen and bath projects—without sacrificing great design! At Jacob Evans you’ll discover quality earth-friendly products that conserve energy and natural resources that are pollutant-free and offer lasting durability. From bamboo and cork flooring to green cabinetry, energy-efficient appliances, and other sustainable products—we’ll help you evaluate each, based on your needs and lifestyle.
Throughout the year we provide the perfect recipe for relaxed entertaining and special events in our design showroom. Mixing new and former clients with interior designers, architects, green specialists and cooking gurus, Jacob Evans brings the distinctive fusion of design and dining to the table. Watch for upcoming events. We look forward to serving you!
Jacob Evans
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Welcome to Jacob Evans Kitchen and Bath...a distinctive design showroom. Our goal is to treat every client like our guest—to provide busy lives an EASY kitchen and bath experience that satisfies passions for STYLE, FUNCTIONALITY and lasting VALUE.

Expect a wide range of premium products and resources for your home or office project, and intelligent, creative design assistance—served with great attention to every detail.

Let Jacob Evans be your ultimate choice.

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Visit us in the West End Village—an emerging design zone just minutes from downtown Pittsburgh.